Kid Box Boys Winter Box Review

I’ve recently discovered a love of Stitch Fix and enjoy getting a surprise in the mail once a month.  (As well as not having to drag kids around from store to store and into dressing rooms!)  My 7 year old has been jealous that I get a package and he doesn’t.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered a service that could do the same thing for him that Stitch Fix does for me – Kidbox!

Kidbox provides 5 seasonal boxes for boys and girls.  They offer a wide range of sizes from baby to size 14.  You complete a fun quiz, which Liam and I answered together.  Then a stylist will select 6-7 items for your child and mail them out to you.  There is free shipping both ways and no styling fee.  If you keep all items in your box it’s a flat rate of $98.  Or you can select to keep only a few that you love and pay for them “a la carte” at the special Kidbox prices.  The best part is that for every box kept Kidbox will donate an outfit to a kid in need.  This is pretty awesome!  (We donated to the fire victims in Northern California, but had a choice of four places to donate.)

When Liam took his style quiz he selected “City Cool” as his genre of clothes.  He then had some outfits to select from, could select to avoid colors or types of clothes, as well as anything in particular we were looking for like school clothes or tops or pants.  He was so excited for his box to arrive!  So excited he insisted on making a video!  (This is our first unboxing video ever so bear with us!)

First Liam tried on the Art + Eden Boys Square Print Sweatshirt.  This retails for $40.00 and the Kidbox price is $28.00.  We paired it with the  French Toast Joggers which retail for $24.00 and have a KidBox price of $18.00.  He loved this outfit and wore it to school Monday, when we received the box the Friday before.  While this top made me nervous and probably wouldn’t have been my first pick, he’s very happy with it and the outfit is very cute.

Next we paired the joggers with the Silver Jeans Long Sleeve Pocket Tee in Grey.  This tee retails for $24.00 and has a Kidbox price of $19.00.  This shirt is a very soft and a good basic t-shirt to add to his wardrobe.

Next Liam tried on the Andy + Evan Short Sleeve Polo with the Paper Denim and Cloth Straight Leg Jeans, Medium Wash.  The polo shirt retails for $39.00 and has a Kidbox price of $32.00.  The jeans retail for $50.00 with a Kidbox price of $38.00.  I think this shirt was an odd choice for a “winter” box, but since we’re hopefully getting closer to spring I think the piece will transition nicely.  The jeans are a little big, but they do have an adustable waist and a belt so he should get plenty of wear out of them!

Next he tried the DKNY Chambray Flecked Button Front Shirt with the Jeans.  The subtle detail of the multi-colored flecks is pretty cool.  I like that it has roll tab sleeves so it can transition from winter to spring.  This shirt retails for $42.00 and the Kidbox price is $34.00.

Lastly he tried on the Urban Smalls Deer Long Sleeve T.  This retails for $24.00 and the Kidbox price is $18.00.  Liam loves this shirt!  It’s probably his favorite item in the box.  It’s rather thin so not ideal I guess for as cold of a winter as we’ve had this year, but should transition to spring nicely.

Overall, Liam loved the box and the items in it.  He thought they were all comfy, cute and keepers.  At $14 a piece for the $98 box fee I think Kidbox is a pretty great deal!  I also love the fact that we’ll be able to help a kid in need by getting Liam some new clothes.  I know spring boxes are coming out soon.  I’m not sure he needs one, but I am definitely tempted to get him another box as we had a lot of fun opening this one together!

If you’re interested in trying Kidbox for your child, feel free to use my referral link!  You’ll get $25 towards your first box and I’ll get a referral credit as well so it is win win!  When you do, please let us know how you like Kidbox!

**This post is not sponsored in any way.  All opinions are our own.

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