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Back from the Dead?

Hey everyone!  I’ve been trying to figure out where this blog is going and what I’m doing with it.  Simultaneously I’ve been trying to figure life in general out as we’ve had a ton of changes in our family over the past year and a half since my husband retired from the Marine Corps.  So, here’s a quick recap of life:

  • Moved to PA from FL
  • Worked at Walmart for 6 months when finding a job in small town America was tough
  • Husband secures better job, which he is totally unhappy at, quits and we’re back to square one
  • Work at the YMCA for 6 months and leave to pursue substitute teaching
  • Still waiting on subbing months later
  • Get hired by VIPKid to teach English online
  • Continue booking vacations around the globe!

So life has been busy!  My boys are busy!  The oldest will graduate from high school in two months. (Someone hand me a tissue…)  My middle is busy with Scouts and baseball.  My youngest will go to pre-K next year.  He’s into everything and keeps me on my toes.


But where does this leave me in achieving my goals? I’ve been reflecting a lot about what I want out of this life I’ve been blessed with and have come up with a few goals for the year:

  1. Focus on nutrition and eating right.  They say weight loss is won in the kitchen, but losing weight will greatly help my running goals as well.
  2. Consistently train for the Wine & Dine Two Course challenge at Disney World.
  3. Incorporate strength training into my training regimen.
  4. Establish a consistent student base with VIPKid.
  5. Be able to start subbing in the fall.

I think accomplishing these goals will give be the confidence I’m seeking and provide myself and my family the opportunity to enjoy life more through outings and travel.  (After all, we just booked our first cruise to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary so I need to look good in a bathing suit next summer!)

So there you have it.  I didn’t fall off the planet, but I did struggle with injury, training inconsistency and some major life changes.  Hopefully as we’ve found our new normal now I’ll be able to focus on achieving my goals and making 2018 the best year yet!

Norwegian Cruise Line Free at Sea Offer

Y’all!  Norwegian Cruise Line has the most AMAZING offer right now! Seriously, you do NOT want to pass this offer up!  $1 per person deposits now through March 5th only!  Not to mention you’ll get your choice of up to 5 FREE offers!  This deal is too good to be true!


One of the best things about this offer is that you pay ONLY $1 PER PERSON DEPOSIT and can book through 2019 at least so you’ll have a year to pay off the cruise!   I love having a trip on the horizon to look forward to and save for. Whether you want to cruise Greece, Alaska or the Caribbean this offer is the perfect opportunity to get something on the calendar and make it happen!

Are you interested in taking advantage of the amazing Free at Sea offer?  Then fill out this quick form and I’ll send you a no-obligation (although $1 per person is a pretty easy “obligation” to fill!) quote for you to review.  Remember, you MUST book this offer by March 5th to take advantage of the $1 per person deposits, and the free offers.  Request your quote today and let’s get you set to sail with Norwegian!

Kid Box Boys Winter Box Review

I’ve recently discovered a love of Stitch Fix and enjoy getting a surprise in the mail once a month.  (As well as not having to drag kids around from store to store and into dressing rooms!)  My 7 year old has been jealous that I get a package and he doesn’t.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered a service that could do the same thing for him that Stitch Fix does for me – Kidbox!

Kidbox provides 5 seasonal boxes for boys and girls.  They offer a wide range of sizes from baby to size 14.  You complete a fun quiz, which Liam and I answered together.  Then a stylist will select 6-7 items for your child and mail them out to you.  There is free shipping both ways and no styling fee.  If you keep all items in your box it’s a flat rate of $98.  Or you can select to keep only a few that you love and pay for them “a la carte” at the special Kidbox prices.  The best part is that for every box kept Kidbox will donate an outfit to a kid in need.  This is pretty awesome!  (We donated to the fire victims in Northern California, but had a choice of four places to donate.)

When Liam took his style quiz he selected “City Cool” as his genre of clothes.  He then had some outfits to select from, could select to avoid colors or types of clothes, as well as anything in particular we were looking for like school clothes or tops or pants.  He was so excited for his box to arrive!  So excited he insisted on making a video!  (This is our first unboxing video ever so bear with us!)

First Liam tried on the Art + Eden Boys Square Print Sweatshirt.  This retails for $40.00 and the Kidbox price is $28.00.  We paired it with the  French Toast Joggers which retail for $24.00 and have a KidBox price of $18.00.  He loved this outfit and wore it to school Monday, when we received the box the Friday before.  While this top made me nervous and probably wouldn’t have been my first pick, he’s very happy with it and the outfit is very cute.

Next we paired the joggers with the Silver Jeans Long Sleeve Pocket Tee in Grey.  This tee retails for $24.00 and has a Kidbox price of $19.00.  This shirt is a very soft and a good basic t-shirt to add to his wardrobe.

Next Liam tried on the Andy + Evan Short Sleeve Polo with the Paper Denim and Cloth Straight Leg Jeans, Medium Wash.  The polo shirt retails for $39.00 and has a Kidbox price of $32.00.  The jeans retail for $50.00 with a Kidbox price of $38.00.  I think this shirt was an odd choice for a “winter” box, but since we’re hopefully getting closer to spring I think the piece will transition nicely.  The jeans are a little big, but they do have an adustable waist and a belt so he should get plenty of wear out of them!

Next he tried the DKNY Chambray Flecked Button Front Shirt with the Jeans.  The subtle detail of the multi-colored flecks is pretty cool.  I like that it has roll tab sleeves so it can transition from winter to spring.  This shirt retails for $42.00 and the Kidbox price is $34.00.

Lastly he tried on the Urban Smalls Deer Long Sleeve T.  This retails for $24.00 and the Kidbox price is $18.00.  Liam loves this shirt!  It’s probably his favorite item in the box.  It’s rather thin so not ideal I guess for as cold of a winter as we’ve had this year, but should transition to spring nicely.

Overall, Liam loved the box and the items in it.  He thought they were all comfy, cute and keepers.  At $14 a piece for the $98 box fee I think Kidbox is a pretty great deal!  I also love the fact that we’ll be able to help a kid in need by getting Liam some new clothes.  I know spring boxes are coming out soon.  I’m not sure he needs one, but I am definitely tempted to get him another box as we had a lot of fun opening this one together!

If you’re interested in trying Kidbox for your child, feel free to use my referral link!  You’ll get $25 towards your first box and I’ll get a referral credit as well so it is win win!  When you do, please let us know how you like Kidbox!

**This post is not sponsored in any way.  All opinions are our own.

Sunday Training Synopsis 7-24-2016

Another great week of training!  Well, besides all of my socks being MIA, despite doing laundry midway through the week!  Where do those socks get to?  This week I had three runs on my training schedule:

Tuesday, 30 Minute Training run  

 Thursday, 30 Minute Training run

 Saturday, 8 Miles (which I did today because missing socks!)

   I was dreading today’s run with the heat.  My weather ap said it was 68 degrees and felt like 75 at 5:30 am when I woke up, but honestly, the run was decent.  Not as fast as my 6 miles last weekend, but hey, you win some, you lose some.  All that matters is it’s done!

My knee is really sore after today’s run!  I had intended to tape it with KT tape, but forgot in my haste to beat the heat this morning and I’m paying for it now!  I think I might need to start taping it the night before a long run so I don’t forget in my hurry to get out the door and run!

Up next week I have a pretty easy training week with two 30-45 minute runs and a 3-4 miles maintenance run.  Looking forward to an easy training week!  What do you have on your training schedule this week?

Disney Cruise Line Offers Military Discount for Spring Sailings

disney cruise ship at castaway cay

Disney Cruise Line has released some AMAZING military discounts for upcoming sailings this spring.  You won’t want to miss out on these stellar deals on a Disney cruise.  These deals are perfect for pre or post deployment getaways, a celebratory cruise or a last minute vacation!

Disney Dream

4-Night Bahamian Cruise May 2, 2016 Category 11A $165.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes

Disney Fantasy

  • 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise May 21, 2016 Category11B $194.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes
  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise
    • May 14, 2016 Category 11C $165.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes
    • May 28, 2016 Category 11C $209.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes
    • June 11, 2016 Category 11A $235.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes
  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise April 16, 2016 Category 7A $210.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes

Disney Magic

  • 14-Night Transatlantic Cruise May 15, 2016 Category 10C $90.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes
  • 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise April 3, 2016 Category 11A $162.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes
  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2016 Category 10A $135.00 per night per person plus port fees and government taxes

Are ou ready to enjoy all that Disney Cruise Line has to offer, including their private island Castaway Cay?  Don’t wait to contact me for a no-obligation quote!  These rates are limited and valid for booking for a limited time.  Don’t miss out on creating amazing memories to last a lifetime!

Princess 5K Race Recap

After a busy day, and too much money spent, at the expo on Thursday we were excited for the first race of three for our Princess Half Marathon weekend, the Princess 5K!

We were up at 3:30am on Friday for the Princess 5K as we had to be on a bus by 4:45am!  Those early wake-up calls are never easy, and they were only going to get worse as the week went on.  We quickly got dressed in our race outfits.  These were our “backup plan” outfits, as we had originally hoped our custom Ariel Sparkle Skirts would be done in time, but no luck!  (As a matter of fact, we’re still waiting on them!)  Instead we wore our Jeff Galloway sparkle skirts and a shirt I made to match.

Before we even arrived for the Princess weekend we had decided that we would take the 5K easy.  Stop for lots of pictures.  Enjoy every minute.  We knew we had to save our legs a bit so we would mostly be walking the 5K.

The morning was cold and we were rocking the trash bags to stay warm as we waited for the race to start.  (I always pack a few in my suitcase for race weekends just in case!)  Thanks to our Sparkle Skirts when we arived at the starting area we went through the no bag check line quickly and made our way back towards the pre-race party.  We ended up getting in line for a photo with Sebastian.  (We missed that Ariel and Eric were a photo op too unfortunately, but Sebastian was fun!)  Some friends met up with us when they arrived and joined us in line.  We went straight to our corrals after our picture with Sebastian.

We were set to start in C and decided we would do a few intervals to get out of the way of people and the crowds of the corral and then we would take our time.  The first mile backstage went by pretty quicly.  We stopped for a shot or two of Epcot, pictures with Chip and Dale, Daisy and Donald and Genie in his vacation outfit all during mile 2/World Showcase.  We felt like we were moseying.  It was nice and relaxed!

The monorail was stopped on the tracks which made for a fun photo op for Jan and I and then we stopped for a photo with the Festival of Fantasy characters from the Mermaid section of the parade by Finding Nemo.

 Next thing you know we were heading to mile 3 and the finish!   We got our ADORABLE medals, and some handy mylar blankets to warm up, which would be very useful the next morning too!  (Tip: always save the blanket you get at the end of one race for the next days race.)   The Princess 5K was so fun!  It was nice to stop for tons of pictures with the characters and not be worried about our time.  I’d say I’m glad we took it easy, but with a day in the parks following the 5K I’m not sure it really helped!  The most important thing though is that the race was fun and we were ready for the next one!


Save Up to 30% at Select Walt Disney World Resorts This Summer


Disney is at it again and has released a new discount for select stays at Walt Disney World Resort June 12-August 25, 2016 when you book by June 10th.   This is a great opportunity to save on your summer vacation!

When you book with this special offer and add a minimum 2 day ticket to your package you can receive an exclusive BB-8 “Awaken Summer” MagicBand!  How super cute is this band?

bb8 magic band

As usual, rooms for this discount are limited.  Don’t delay,  discover a summer like no other at Disney World!  Contact me for more information or quick, no obligation quote!