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Disney Family Movie Night – The Little Mermaid

We often joke about having PDD – Post Disney Depression in the Disney fan community.  So the question remains, how do you keep the magic coming at home?  I love planning themed Disney movie nights for my family.  I’ve done a few in the past that I am looking forward to sharing and will be planning more in the future as well.  Today I want to talk about our family movie night for The Little Mermaid!  (Which is my favorite Disney movie!)  I could not wait to share it with my boys!  (Yes, all of my boys actually enjoyed the movie!)

To start the night off I always make a menu to post for the kids.  They get a kick out of what’s on the menu, and sometimes in trying to figure out what certain items are!


Then we serve up dinner and settle in to watch our movie!


Once we’re done with dinner the kids get an extra special dessert normally!  This didn’t look as much like a boat as I’d hoped, but hey, they were tasty!IMG_0338You could even add in games and activities if you wanted.  (With a toddler there is only so much I can do, but I hope to incorporate games/activities beyond coloring sheets as he gets older!)

A Disney movie night is also a great way to surprise your kids with a trip to Disney!  Not to mention a fun way to “educate” kids on Disney classics prior to an upcoming trip!

Do you need help brainstorming a movie night and planning your next Disney vacation!  Looking for the perfect resort for your princess’ first Disney trip?  Whether you’d like to visit Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani or Adventures by Disney, I am here to help!  I love making magical memories one vacation at a time.  Contact me at gretchen@destinationsinflorida.com or 818-519-0777 for more information on making your vacation dreams a reality!

Keeping the Surprises Coming at Disney World!

I spent a lot of time planning our surprise Disney vacation.  Maybe too much time.  Especially since a lot of our plans weren’t realized due to time constraints of the trip being a surprise…which meant no working on Disney projects when the oldest was home!

That being said, I really wanted to continue the element of surprise while we were at Disney World.  Once the kids found out that we were going they had no clue about any of the details.  Well, except for where we were staying because we spilled the beans later that night of the video.  I had three things I wanted to surprise the kids with while we were at Disney: welcome gifts, dining

Dining & Illuminations Invite

Dining & Illuminations Invite

reservations and our Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets.

Thanks to my friends at the Dis boards I was able to easily surprise the kids with the Dining reservations.  Kind souls created invites for me for each dining reservation we had except for my birthday date night dinner.  They were phenomenal and so much fun.  Each morning the kids opened the dining invitations for that day.   I had quite a few, but I’ll share one just for fun!

Festive & fun Christmas Party Invite!

Festive & fun Christmas Party Invite!


Marion at the Disboards made license plate stroller tags for me and also made our MVMCP invite.  It was so fun, even if it may have used the last of my green ink! I cannot express how grateful I am for the extra pixie dust that these ladies sprinkled on our trip!

Easy & fun way to identify our stroller

Easy & fun way to identify our stroller

Last, but not least, are our welcome gifts!  I have received so many questions about these and am more than happy to share!  I had been inspired by Pinterest and creating them was very simple.


First, I bought red, $1 buckets at Michaels.  I made these over the summer so the pails were easy to find, but red seemed a harder color than bright summer ones.  Second, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the Mickey heads and the boys names onto adhesive vinyl.  I then transferred these to the buckets so that they were labeled for each boy.  (If you don’t have a Silhouette or a Cricut you could go to any place that makes vinyl transfers for you to put them on a bucket, etc…or ask your travel agent for help!)   Super easy, fairly quick and since I own the Cameo, relatively cheap!

Welcome letters for each boy

Welcome letters for each boy

Last, I filled them with goodies for the boys to use during their trip including home-made autograph books, Mickey light-up spinners, water toys for the pool, coloring packets, temporary tattoos and other goodies.  I found most of these items at the Dollar Store.  For a buck it was easy to fill the buckets.  The autograph books took a lot of time and love.  The Mickey spinners, which are available at the parks, were purchased in advance through the Disney store online when they had a sale on Disney Parks merchandise.   Oh, and I can’t forget the fabulous Welcome letter by  Marion on the Disboards!

Don’t have the time to put a gift together yourself?  You can always seek the help of Disney Florist.  For a fee they will come in and leave a gift, decorate a room for an occasion and leave magic waiting for you when you return to your room!  They do a fabulous job, I just prefer to add the personal touches and do it myself!  (Plus, it’s a little easier on my pocketbook!)

Have you surprised your kids or partner with a trip or special gift?  What did you find was the best surprise they received?  Share your stories with us by leaving a comment below!

And remember, we’re happy to help you plan a magical vacation and the perfect surprise!  You can find us on Facebook or by emailing us at gretchen@destinationsinflorida.com!  Have a magical day!

Make It Yourself Monday

This is the first of my many Disney oriented projects I’m working on for our trip to the World next month.  The joys of a surprise trip mean that I can only work on things when my oldest son is not home so I’ve been trying to check some of these off of my to do list while he’s gone so I can focus on the other projects when his eagle eyes and ears return!  I, of course, have a million Disney ideas pinned.  There’s one problem…I don’t sew.  For some reason in my home ec class we never learned how.  However, I CAN sew on a button so when I saw this project on Pinterest I knew I could handle it!

These adorable button shirts were so cute and so easy I couldn’t resist.  Plus, all the materials for these four shirts cost about $25 tops so I made four shirts for the price of one at Disney and they are much more unique.  As I said this project is so easy I can do it so here are some quick instructions in case you don’t want to click the link:

Little Man’s Shirt

1.  Cut out a Mickey silhouette shape.  I imported an image into my Silhouette Cameo, but you can google to find one online and size it as needed.

2.  Trace around the Mickey cut out with Tacky glue.  (The gold bottle in the craft section of Wal Mart or found at your local craft store.)

3.  Place buttons in colors & pattern of your choice on glue outline.  Wait for them to dry.

4.  Sew buttons in place permanently.

5.  Done.  You are the creator of a super cute Mickey shirt for your Disney trip or your Disney fanatic.

The Big Boy Shirts

The little brother’s shirt looks similar to the inspiration post, although it might be a wee bit crooked now that I’m staring at a picture.  But I don’t think he’ll care!  I decided though that my 12 year old and the husband may not want a giant Mickey made out of buttons so I got them polo shirts and put the Mickey on the breast of the shirt.  (Although according to my husband Mickey is ‘huge” so I guess it’s all a matter of opinion.)  For mine I put Mickey in the lower left corner of the shirt for a little something different.

The youngest counting buttons on Mum’s shirt

I wanted the shirts to be matchy matchy without being too matchy if that makes sense.  Even the husband says they’re cute so I think these shirts are crowd pleasers, even if they are cheesy!  My plan is to where them to our first day at Magic Kingdom.  Hopefully they’ll make for some cute pictures!  I’d better make sure I pack a Tide to Go stick since we’ll all be wearing white!   I just can’t wait to see my whole family in our shirts.  That will be the true reward, even if the almost teenager rolls his eyes at me!