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Disney Family Movie Night – The Little Mermaid

We often joke about having PDD – Post Disney Depression in the Disney fan community.  So the question remains, how do you keep the magic coming at home?  I love planning themed Disney movie nights for my family.  I’ve done a few in the past that I am looking forward to sharing and will be planning more in the future as well.  Today I want to talk about our family movie night for The Little Mermaid!  (Which is my favorite Disney movie!)  I could not wait to share it with my boys!  (Yes, all of my boys actually enjoyed the movie!)

To start the night off I always make a menu to post for the kids.  They get a kick out of what’s on the menu, and sometimes in trying to figure out what certain items are!


Then we serve up dinner and settle in to watch our movie!


Once we’re done with dinner the kids get an extra special dessert normally!  This didn’t look as much like a boat as I’d hoped, but hey, they were tasty!IMG_0338You could even add in games and activities if you wanted.  (With a toddler there is only so much I can do, but I hope to incorporate games/activities beyond coloring sheets as he gets older!)

A Disney movie night is also a great way to surprise your kids with a trip to Disney!  Not to mention a fun way to “educate” kids on Disney classics prior to an upcoming trip!

Do you need help brainstorming a movie night and planning your next Disney vacation!  Looking for the perfect resort for your princess’ first Disney trip?  Whether you’d like to visit Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani or Adventures by Disney, I am here to help!  I love making magical memories one vacation at a time.  Contact me at gretchen@destinationsinflorida.com or 818-519-0777 for more information on making your vacation dreams a reality!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use a travel agent on your next trip?  If you booked your Disney World vacation directly through Disney Reservations, or on disneyworld.com, you can transfer your existing reservation for us!  When you transfer your existing reservation to us you will receive a FREE GIFT CARD to spend on your trip.  In addition, all our concierge services are at NO COST to you!


Frequently Asked Questions On Transfer Reservations

How Much Is The Disney Gift Card?

The amount of the FREE Disney gift card varies based on the total package price of your Disney vacation.  (Not including airfare)

$1500-2000                         FREE $15 Disney Gift Card

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How Do I Add You As My Travel Agent on a Disney Reservation?

We will email you a form that you sign and fax to Disney.  It takes about 3 business days for Disney to add us to the reservation.  Your package stays exactly the same, Disney only adds our name as the agency helping you plan your vacation.  We will then mail you your FREE Disney gift card with your final travel package to add a little extra magic to your Disney vacation!

Does Anything Change on my Reservation?

No, everything on your reservation stays exactly the same!  The only difference is that our agency is added to your reservation enabling you to receive exemplary customer service and all the Mouse Perks that we offer!

Can I Add You To A Reservation Made with Another Travel Agent or AAA?

As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, Disney allows us to take over a reservation, because Disney knows we will take exceptional care of their guests.  Our guests are much happier and better prepared for their vacation than a guest that books directly with Disney!  For this reason, Disney allows us to take over your reservation.

As a professional courtesy, we do not take over travel agent bookings.  Travel Agents are not paid and only make money on commissions from the destination.  If you have been working with a travel agent, they worked hard to help you plan your trip so we do not take over bookings from fellow travel agents.

Are There Fees To Add You To Our Reservation?

No fees what-so-ever are incurred when you transfer your reservation!  Our services are always free to you.  Our commission is paid directly by Disney.  You simply get fabulous service and loads of extra benefits!

When Do I Get My Disney Gift Card? 

Once your trip reservations are paid in full, you will receive your Disney Gift Card with your final package documents.



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There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Disney is famous for it’s theme parks and their cruise lines are currently ranking first in their category.  There are so many fabulous opportunities to vacation with Disney that extend far beyond the parks though.  Take a minute to get to know all that Disney has to offer, from the theme parks to the cruise ship, to Hawaii to adventures abroad!

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Why Should I Use A Travel Agent?

Here’s a question we frequently here, “So many people travel to Disney.  Why should my family use a travel agent to plan our trip?”   Disney destinations are a great example, but the reasons you should use a travel agent can extend beyond Disney destinations to other vacation spots as well.  We want you to be as well informed as possible so we compiled a list of the top ten reasons you should use a travel agent to plan your next vacation.
1.  Fee Free Why not?  Our services are free to you.

2.   Alleviate Stress.  Planning a vacation can be stressful, however a travel agent takes the stress away by planning a magical vacation perfectly suited to your family’s needs and desires.

3.   Save time. Save time by letting us hunt down the best deal, score reservations at the restaurant you’ve been dying to try or arrange and coordinate all of your travel details.

4.  Save money!  Not only will we find you the best deal available, but we can often, as is the case with Disney, apply discount to your reservation as soon as they come out saving you even more money!  We will watch for discounts that can make your trip even more affordable after you book for you!

5.  Knowledge and expertise.  As a travel agent specializing in Disney and Universal Studios we have traveled to these destinations extensively.  No need to read a guide book or two or hunt down information that pertains to you and your travel party.  Need to know what rides are good for toddlers?  We know!  Want to propose at the most romantic spots in Magic Kingdom?  We can help!

6.  Personal service.   Our goal is to establish a relationship with our guests where we get to know them and anticipate their wants and needs!  When you need something you have the convenience and consistency of talking to the same person who knows your family and how you travel.

7.  Itinerary Planning.  Need a day to day outline of what to do?  We’ll provide you with the best days to visit the parks, restaurant recommendations and reservations, help you avoid lines and many more tips for a successful trip!

8.  Extra Magic – Only with our company can you make those magical moments happen with pictures of Mickey Mouse for your kids, Theme Park Guide Maps, MousePerks, discount Orlando MagicCards, and much more for your vacation.  We offer similar perks for Disney Cruise and Universal Studios packages.

9.  Have an Advocate.  We are here to help you.  While most trips run smoothly, should something go wrong your travel agent is here to help.  We can handle rearranging details of your trip so that, despite a bump in the road, it is as enjoyable as possible for you!

10.  Availability.  Whatever your preferred way to communicate for long discussions or quick questions, we are available via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and more!  We’ll keep you up to date on deals you don’t want to miss and bring the magic to you leading up to your trip and beyond!
There are so many reasons to book with us, what are you waiting for!  Don’t stress about your trip and agonize over were to stay or eat.  Don’t wait for hours on hold every time you need to modify your reservation.  Instead allow us to take the worry and hassle out of vacations by creating a magical trip perfectly tailored to your needs!

Contact me today!

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What’s Your Vacation Style?

We all have favorite past vacation spots and favorite vacation activities.  Let us know your favorites by voting in our poll.

Feel free to leave us a comment on any specific destinations and activities you love!  And remember you can contact us any time at gretchen@destinationsinflorida.com or operationdisneytravel@gmail.com for help in planning your perfect trip!