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What I Wore Wednesday

This is a what I will wear edition as I’ve been contemplating my outfits for Princess Half Marathon weekend.  The 5K and 10K this weekend are my first races and in an effort to distract myself from my fear I’m dreaming up costumes to sport during the races.

Ariel is my favorite princess EVER so I want to dress as her.  At first I wanted to figure out something with the sailcloth, but not being a seamstress in any way, shape or form,  I think I am going to go with “Kiss the Girl” Ariel from the village tour with Prince Eric.  I found a cute running skirt on Etsy that I’ll wear with running tights and a black tank top.  (I’d love to fashion a black corset and white top if I get crafty.)  Thanks to Polyvore, I put together a cute example of my race costume for the Enchanted 10K.

Enchanted 10K


Have you ever run in costume?  Do you have plans to dress up for any of the races Princess Half weekend?  Who do plan on dressing up as?