Wine & Dine Half Marathon Packing List

We’ve all been there, race day is coming, but you’re also traveling for the race.  What do you pack?  How do you prepare for crazy Florida weather?  runDisney is fun, but preparing for a destination race can be challenging.  I learned some from Princess earlier in the year, not to mention all of the great advice I’ve received from fellow runners, so here is my packing list for this year’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon this weekend!

*Please note that we are driving to Disney World for this race weekend.  This changes my packing strategy.  When flying I will include specific items in my carry on luggage to ensure I have everything I need for race day in the event that my luggage would go missing, be delayed, etc.  I’ve gone ahead and bolded these items to ease in your packing!

Race Day Items:

  • Nuun (electrolyte supplement)
  • Nathan Handheld Water Bottle
  • Salute Blue Sparkle Skirt
  • Blue Polo Shirt
  • Red Hippie Runner Band
  • Button
  • Socks (2 per person)
  • Running Shoes (1 per person)
  • DH Shorts
  • DH Shirt
  • DH Hat
  • Garmin & Charger
  • Cliff Shot Blocks
  • Headphones
  • DH Running Belt
  • Sports Bra
  • Trash Bags
  • Ponchos
  • Body Glide

Trip Items:

  • Cupcake SS
  • Cupcake Shirt
  • Cupcake Ears
  • Button Shirts
  • Polka Dot Shorts
  • DH Plaid Shorts
  • Epcot Shorts
  • Jean Shorts (1 each)
  • Modcloth Dress
  • DH Dressy Outfit
  • Strapless Bra
  • Red Shoes
  • Flip Flops (1 each – will likely be worn in travel)
  • Jeans (1 pair each)
  • Undies (2 per day…I’m paranoid!)
  • PJ’s (1 each)
  • Sketchers Go Walks
  • Contacts & Solution
  • Glasses
  • Medicine
  • Toiletires
  • Makeup
  • Hair Products (Curly hair…I care!)
  • Propel/Gatorade (the perks of driving!)
  • Gallon Size bags
  • Luna bars
  • Power Strip (we have a lot of electronics to charge!)
  • External Charger
  • Phone Chargers
  • Computer
  • Magic Bands
  • AP cards
  • String Backpack

Some of these may look odd, but they can be lifesavers.  Ponchos in case of rain, which everyone seems to be freaking out about.  Large garden trash bags also work well for this and keeping warm, or even sitting on, while waiting for the race to start.  I recommend putting all cords/chargers in a gallon bag so they’re easy to find and spot.  We’ll include the string backpack in our gear check bag so we can transfer our stuff over to that.  We’ll include a backup outfit possibly, flip flops, gallon trash bags to keep clean clothes dry and put our wet/stinky clothes in.  The gear check bags are big, but not the sturdiest and a little awkward so I prefer a regular string backpack.

What do you HAVE to pack for your runDisney racecation?


One response to “Wine & Dine Half Marathon Packing List

  1. I’m just packing the last of our bits and bobs today before we head to the airport ready for our flight tomorrow! The draw string bag one is a great idea – i’ve got a couple of them lying around from races so will definitely pack those as much easier to carry round the parks afterwards! Have a safe journey down to Disney x

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