Sunday Training Synopsis


Well, here we are again, reviewing my training this past week for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  (Which will lead me to the Glass Slipper Challenge/Triple Crown!)  I can’t believe we’re done with Week 5 of Wine & Dine training! Crazy!  This week had ups and downs, but it’s done, and that’s what matters!  I’ve put in the miles!  This week called for 30 minute maintenance runs on Tuesday and Thursday, and a 5 mile run on Saturday.

Tuesday: Sadly I was still in a lot of pain Monday night and Tuesday so I skipped Tuesday morning’s run in favor or resting the back.  I’m praying the back doesn’t cause me too much trouble for the rest of training!

Thursday: I ran 2.19 miles in 30:56.  Considering the break it’s not horrible, but not where I’d like to be.

Sunday: I ran today because I overslept yesterday and was avoiding the heat.  Five miles down today.  I had two battles today.  The first is that my legs felt so heavy and I hit a wall around 2.5 miles.  Very odd time in a run for me to hit a wall.   I pushed through obviously to get the 5 miles in!  The second problem was that my tank top caused some chaffing on my arms.  So painful.  I noticed I walked more because of how uncomfortable I was.  But it’s done and that’s what matters is that I put on the miles.

Next week the schedule calls for 30 minute maintenance runs again on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a 3 mile run on Saturday.  After an abysmal week I’m looking forward to low mileage, faster mpm and hopefully a healthy body!  What’s on your training plan this week?


One response to “Sunday Training Synopsis

  1. Great job!! Everyone has their struggles but you’re overcoming the ones you have and that’s what matters!

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