I’ve Registered For the Princess Half Marathon. Now What?

Raise your hand if you signed up for a race Princess Half Marathon weekend at Disney World?  I am guilty of signing up for not only the Glass Slipper Challenge, but also the 5K!  Yes, I am crazy enough to do the Triple Crown.  I can sleep when I’m home right?

Now that you’re registered for a magical race weekend and the stress and nerves of registration are over, what’s next?  Here are a list of things to do to get yourself ready for Princess Half Marathon weekend!


1)  Train, train, train!  Disney provides training programs by Jeff Galloway for the 10K through the Glass Slipper challenge on the runDisney website.  I personally used Jeff Galloway’s training plan for the 2015 Enchanted 10K and felt very prepared.  I am currently following his plan for Wine & Dine and plan to follow his Glass Slipper Training Plan when the Wine & Dine Half is complete.  My husband however is a fan of the Hal Higdon‘s training plans.  He is using Galloway for Wine and Dine, but only because that’s what I’m using and he’s vowed to run with me, even if intervals drive him nuts!  So pick a plan, print it out and stick to it Princess!

princes half rates

2)  Book your hotel accommodations or package.  For Princess Half Marathon weekend all on-site Disney resorts are “host” resorts.  This means they will all provide transportation to and from the expo and the races.  I am a huge fan of utilizing Disney transportation.  It’s so easy to just walk out of my hotel room before the sun is up and hopping on a bus that takes me straight to the race starting area.  If you book an off-site resort check whether or not they have race transportation available to you or rent a car.

*Shameless Plug*  We are offering discount room rates for Princess Half weekend.  If you’re interested in a quick quote, I’d love to help you plan a magical racecation!  Contact me at gretchen@destinationsinflorida.com for more information.


3)  Plan your race costume(s)!  I’ll have three, yes three, costumes to come up with this year!  That is just craziness!  I’m fairly certain I will be revamping my Ariel costume from this year’s 10K for the 1/2 as I really want a picture with Prince Eric in it, and hello, it’s an Ariel theme!  Once I’ve solidified my costumes I’ll be sure to come back and share!  Feel free to share your costume ideas below!

4)  Plan your pre-race nutrition.  When contemplating ADR’s for your Princess Half Marathon weekend it’s important to take into account how you like to eat prior to a race.  Dining reservations at Disney can be booked at 180 days out (180+10 for on-site guests)  so it’s important to put a plan together early, especially if you have a big group.  As my runs get longer I’ll be looking to see how my body reacts to what I eat, however I’ve found that I like more a of a balance of protein and carbs vs. carb loading with a giant bowl of pasta.  It’s all about finding what works for you.

5)  Get fitted for running shoes.  If you’re going to be running 3-4 times a week and logging loads of miles it’s important to ensure that your shoes fit properly.  Visit your local running store where they will analyze your gait, etc. and recommend shoes that will be the best fit for you.

6)  Share the process with a friend!  If anything Princess is the perfect weekend for girl power, but a support system is really important.  Whether your friends are local or virtual it’s good to link up with others training and hold each other accountable.  I made a group of amazing friends from a message board about last year’s Princess Half.  I couldn’t do life without them now, and they still hold me accountable to setting new goals and getting out there to train.

Princess Half Marathon weekend is so much fun!  Congratulations to everyone who registered, and good luck with your training!  I look forward to seeing you around the World and holding each other accountable as we train to run Disney!


3 responses to “I’ve Registered For the Princess Half Marathon. Now What?

  1. Thanks for sharing your tips! I’m running the GSC for the first time ever!

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