Wordless Wednesday – Disney Storytelling

We all know Disney tells incredible stories in their films.  Whether animated or not they craft a story that grabs the attention of young and young at heart!  One of my favorite examples of this is this clever bit I pinned on Pinterest recently.  (No offense to the Twilight fans out there!)

My favorite part of a trip to Disney, however, is the stories we tell when we get back and the photos that help us tell them.  Disney is truly a magical experience and there are times on every visit where the magic personally touches our lives.

The above picture on it’s own may leave you questioning.  However, our waiter at California Grill on our last trip created this for us when he heard that my husband had recently returned from deployment.  I was pregnant and didn’t feel well so we took dessert to go, but he still showed us his appreciation…which makes a pregnant woman weepy.  We were all touched by his thoughtfulness!

Needless to say, we were all touched by his thoughtfulness and we will definitely return to California Grill on our next trip.  As a matter of fact, I think it’s a great place to celebrate a birthday…if you can get  reservation!

Please take a minute to visit our host, Focused on the Magic, and check out all the great blogs that are participating in today’s blog hop!


3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Disney Storytelling

  1. What a great picture! I love to hear stories of cast members spreading the magic to their guests. They really are special people. A big thank you to your husband for his service! Thanks too for sharing and for joining in on the Disney Wordless (Almost) Wednesday Blog Hop fun!!

  2. That is such a touching story – it’s wonderful to hear stories of cast members going out of their way to make Disney even more special for the guests! And I completely agree with the assessment of which made a better love story. 🙂

  3. Aw! This is a great photo and a great story! Something to cherish for a life time!

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