Wordless Wendesday – Disney Architecture

Hold on to your hats & glasses kids, ’cause this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Did you know this ride was recently refurbished?  I can’t wait to ride in December!

Please take a minute to visit our host, Focused on the Magic, and check out all the great blogs that are participating in today’s blog hop!


13 responses to “Wordless Wendesday – Disney Architecture

  1. Makes me want to jump on and go on the wildest ride in the West right now! Great picture!~ Gayle

  2. Love it! I am loving this hop today too!! I’m going to have to make it a point to join in every week. 🙂

  3. YeeHa! Love it! The details are so amazing! Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in on the Disney WW Blog Hop fun today!

  4. I love how they architect the look of the Wild West and red rocks in Frontierland! I actually think this may be my favorite Magic Kingdom ride. 🙂 I’m excited to see the reburb, too!

  5. Yes, and I CANNOT wait for its interactive queue- thanks for the shot!

  6. One of my favorites! Can’t wait to see the refurb in person at the end of Nov!

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